Commitment, respect for the environment

Make the environment an axis of development

Since 2010, we have been part of the network DEPHY FARM.
Created following the “Grenelle of the environment”, this network includes more than 3000 farms (wine and field crops) engaged in a process of reducing the use of phytosanitary products. 

Our goal is to study, implement and evaluate innovative methods allowing us to greatly reduce our footprint on the environment while maintaining an economically and socially efficient operation.

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The establishment of untreated control rows on each of our properties has, for example, allowed us to better understand the development of diseases and reduce the application rates of phytosanitary products.

This optimization work has allowed us to reduce the use of crop protection products by an average of 40% over the years.

Since 2016, we have been part of the 1time association for the Bordeaux Environmental Management System (EMS).
The EMS is a collective environmental approach that brings together the men and women of the Bordeaux wine sector around values and good practices.
Our mission is to preserve our environment while keeping at the center of our concerns the life of our companies, our employees and societal expectations.

To validate and continue to advance in this sustainable development approach, we have obtained certification High Environmental Value in 2019. High Environmental Value in 2019.